Safeguarding Update Training: South Western District

18th September 2016, 14:00 - 16:30

Location: 50th Glasgow Scout Hall

Uniform: There is no need for Scout Uniform.

What to bring: Notepad & pen.

Tea & Coffee provided.

Did you know that as at 31 July 2014:

  • 17,634 children in Scotland were looked after or on the child protection register
  • 2,882 total on a child protection register
  • 15,580 total looked after (828 both)
  • 9% increase since 2013
  • 41% increase between 2000 & 2014

Safeguarding awareness update training provides leaders a unique opportunity to share ideas and best practice, and obtain advice about any particular issues.

The format includes PowerPoint presentation's followed by discussion groups, exercises and case studies.

The issues covered include:

  • Bullying - preventative strategies, recognising the signs and how to deal with it.
  • Keeping young people safe - different forms of abuse, warning signs and procedure to report concerns.
  • Safeguarding code of practice - advice for leaders to stay safe and recognising inappropriate behaviour by adults or young people in the group.
  • Internet safety - online dangers for young people and guidance for leaders on use of social media.
  • Resources and support - how to obtain resources, run a group activity and where to find help.

To apply to complete this course, click here - please note that there is no cost for this, (numbers strictly limited).

Important note: the Safeguarding Awareness training is not suitable for new leaders or for Explorer Scout young leaders. It is ongoing learning for those that have been in post for a few years and will shortly be due for an appointment review.