Congratulations to 35th Glasgow Beaver Scout Leaders

7th December 2010

Scouting volunteers from the 35th Glasgow, Heather Nilsen-Nygaard and Morag Young have recently had their good service to scouting recognised by the Chief Scout.

Heather Nilsen-Nygaard has given service to Scouting as a volunteer for nearly 19 years having been an ABSL, then BSL. Heather has always provided an excellent, well-planned programme within the Colony, incorporating a wide variety of activities. With the introduction of the 6-25 programme, Heather embraced the changes and her Beaver Scouts continue to be offered a high standard of activities, while having a lot of fun. The 35th Beavers also enjoy a range of outings to places of interest, pantomimes, sporting venues and campsites. Within the Group, Heather is an active participant in all events and she attends meetings and is always willing to put her point across. She supports the work of her GSL and Group Executive and she has worked with new Leaders from all sections, to assist them with programme planning - an area in which she is particulary skilled. Heather served as a 'young person' on the SHQ Beaver Team and from 1995-1998, was Scotland's representative on the National Beaver Scout Team. She also represented the Beaver Scout Section at Youth Seminars in Portugal and Luxemburg. In addition to her role in the Group, Heather is also ADC (Beaver Scouts) in Eastwood District. Under her leadership, Beaver Colonies across Eastwood District have continued to thrive and Heather has provided leaders with a great deal of support and guidance, tailored carefully to their needs. She has led the organisation of many 'Beaver Fun Days' within the District, assisted by representatives from every Colony. These are very ambitious events, catering for hundreds of children, with a wide range of activities centred around an agreed theme. They are lots of fun and are greatly enjoyed by the children, parents and siblings.

Morag Young joined the 35th Glasgow in 1990 to help in the Beaver Colony, as part of her service commitment in Guiding, and has never left. On reaching the age of 18, Morag became an adult leader and has given excellent service ever since. While holding the ABSL appointment, Morag has regularly, successfully stepped up to the role of BSL. Morag has supported many Beaver Scouts through the transition process to Cub Scouting and has worked closely with the Cub leadership team, to ensure that children are fully integrated within the Pack. She has also supported a number of Explorer Scout Young Leaders in developing leadership skills within the Colony. With the BSL, Morag provides an energetic, imaginative and varied programme for Beaver Scouts, which the children clearly enjoy. As well as contributing to the running of the Colony, Morag is a tremendous asset to the Group as a whole, being able to successfully turn her hand to running a Cub Pack, or when necessary, helping to run a Troop meeting. She takes a great interest in the running of the Group and provides great support for the work of the GSL and Group Executive. Away from the Group, Morag supports Beaver Scouting across Eastwood District and helps with the training of new leaders in the Region.

Heather & Morag with 35th Glasgow Beavers 

For their good service to Scouting, Heather and Morag were presented with the Award for Merit at the Group's recent AGM. 

Author: Gary Bainbridge


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