Looking for an activity permit?

19th October 2012

To apply for a permit, send this application form to the Region's Activities Advisor, Colin Lamont to get the ball rolling. An appropriate assessor will then be appointed to carry out a technical assessment of your skills based on the activity's Assessment Checklist, which can be found from the A to Z of activities. There are 4 sections that must be completed to gain any scout activity permit.

  1. Technical Competence - completed by a regional/approved assessor, based on the activity's Assessment Checklist.
  2. Knowledge of Scout Rules for that Activity - usually completed by a scout assessor (in the case of an external assessor this will be done by an appropriate commissioner).
  3. Child Protection - completed by an appropriate commissioner, usually your District Commissioner.
  4. Personal Suitability - completed by an appropriate commissioner, usually your District Commissioner.

Once all 4 parts are complete - (1) and (2) by the assessor and (3) and (4) by your District Commissioner - these forms are returned to the Regional Activities Advisor and your permit will be registered on membership services. At that point your permit becomes official and a laminated credit-card sized permit will be issued to your DC for them to sign and present to you. For more information, click here or get in touch.

Author: Gary Bainbridge


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